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About Us
About us

About us

I invented the Eye Makeup Fallout Protector about a year ago. I was laid off as a pharmaceutical sales representative after 20 years. One day I was pondering  on what type of career to get into while I was applying my eye makeup.  I decided to do what I had always dreamed of doing........inventing something!  I looked in the mirror and saw "raccoon eyes" instead of "smokey eyes".  That's when I said, "I'm going to invent a product  that prevents "raccoon eyes" and that's how the  Eye Makeup Fallout Protector came about!  The name is a little long because it's a new concept when applying eye makeup and I wanted the name to describe what it did.  Also, I named the company Nu-4u because I plan on inventing more cool products....so stay tuned in!  I hope the Eye Makeup Fallout Protector saves you time like it does for me!  Thank you, Denise Haman
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